How to get reviews on amazon

Every Amazon seller worth their salt knows the importance of Amazon reviews. It’s arguably the most important element in getting to the top and staying there. Achieving success without enough positive reviews is more than hard, it is nearly impossible. 

Unfortunately, knowing that Amazon reviews are important doesn’t bring you any closer to getting the actual positive reviews. You need a strategy and you need to learn how to manually request reviews or better yet, use an automation.   

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do. We are going to go over what it takes to get Amazon reviews and how to increase the likelihood of getting positive 5 star reviews.

This guide is dedicated to reviews and you can find more information in our Amazon seller feedback Guide and learn more about app usage in the Amazon seller app guide.


How to get reviews on amazon

A review is feedback about any of your products that you get from a buyer that bought that product. Obviously, this means you need buyers to buy your products. 

Mmm.. this is circular logic, isn’t it?

If you already have some activity, getting more product reviews is fairly simple and we’ll touch on that in a second. But what can you do with a newly launched product? 

Amazon is here to help

There are a few Amazon programs that are designed to get reviews on Amazon.

Amazon Early Reviewer program

The Early Reviewer Program is a program where Amazon incentivizes shoppers to try out new products for a small token of appreciation (e.g. a $1-3 gift card).

The early reviewer program is made for newly launched products and is designed to help you make the first sales as well as get reviews on Amazon from the users who purchased.

The program lets you get up to 5 reviews, after which your product will be removed from the program. As the first review is given by a customer, you will be charged $60 one time fee

Amazon Vine

The quite famous Amazon Vine program is destined for products with fewer than 30 Amazon product reviews. Amazon basically helps you get your products in front of a select group of reviewers to help you kick start your sales by gaining reviews and ratings. This  serves as a sign of trustworthiness and can be a game changer for newly launched products. 

Getting more reviews

Ok, now for the fun part. Once you get your first Amazon reviews and ratings your chances of making new sales go up dramatically. 

As sales start to come organically, you must regularly request reviews from your customer. This serves for two purposes.

Not to lose the edge you have and to further strengthen your position. 

There are a few ways to get the reviews flowing which we will cover next.

Requesting reviews with product inserts

Product inserts are physical elements Amazon sellers add to the product. The most common example is a card the seller adds with instructions and more information.

Noramlly such a product insert will include a request for the customer to leave a review and star rating. This is a powerful method with a good conversion rate. However, syou must handle it with extreme care. When an Amazon seller solicit a buyer to leave a review they MUST follow Amazon’s rules and guidelines. Failing to do so can result in financial damage and many sellers have been banned from further selling on Amazon. We will address review manipulation in the next paragraphs.

Using the Buyer-Seller platform

Amazon buyer seller messaging is another common way to request a product review from a buyer. The buyer-seller communication exchange is done through your seller central account and is Amazon’s equivalent of an email. It is often used for a seller feedback request and as a way to get reviews.

You can ask buyers for a rating by messaging them one by one or in bulk. To do so in bulk, you can use one of the apps that offer this functionality, usually for a hefty fee.

While Amazon’s seller messaging system is effective, you must be cautious not to break any of Amazon’s regulations, which is a huge risk you must be aware of.

Amazon guidelines and limitations

As we mentioned above, using any of the mentioned methods requires you to familiarize yourself with limitations by Amazon. Amazon’s guidelines not only impede you from asking for fake reviews, requesting to remove a negative review and so on, they also strictly require you to keep your tone neutral when asking for Amazon reviews.

Amazon will only accept honest reviews.

You can not ask family members or friends to review your products and brand.

You can not influence the buyers in any way to leave positive reviews or a five star review and ratings.

Basically a review request must be neutral and you can not hint in any way that you would like a positive review or try to avoid negative reviews. Any review manipulation is strictly forbidden. 

We suggest taking these rules seriously. Many sellers lost their business by breaking these rules, whether by doing something as simple as contacting friends and family or something harsh like using a verified fake reviews generator. You can’t tell in advance the factors Amazon will take into account so the best advice is to stay in the safe zone, avoid fake reviews, and not directly ask for positive reviews.   

Complying with the above is tricky and troublesome, but don’t despair! Amazon released a perfect solution. 

The ‘Request a Review’ functionality

Amazon understand the propensity of users to avoid negative reviews and the temptation to request a positive review. That is why the’ve created the ‘Request a Review’ feature.

What is this

The Request a Review button allows you to send an email to the seller that is formulated by Amazon. This email is automatically translated to the shoppers language and asks them for a product review and seller feedback.

Where can I find it

On each order in your seller central you will see a button that says ‘Request a Review’. It will appear 5 days after delivery and will stop functioning after 30 days.

What is it good for

As mentioned, the email is generated by Amazon. Therefore it is perfectly compliant with Amazon’s guidelines, making it the safest way to request more reviews and seller feedback from users.

This is a slick and risk free solution that results in a lot of Amazon reviews and ratings. 

Is there a downside

Well, as written above, the button will appear on each order. This means you have to manually click it for each and every order.

This makes the process tiresome and easy to forget and neglect. If you want to get reviews on Amazon relying on a manual process is a problem. A big Problem

The solution – automation

Yes, there is good news. You can use an automation to click the button for you for every order made. There are a few Amazon seller apps that can automate the process for you, most notable is HighFive which is dedicated to that action.

HighFive is a free seller app that not only automates the Request a Review usage, it also lets you set smart rules and get notifications so you are always on top of your ratings.

Asking for Reviews is a Habit, not an Activity

As you build your Amazon business there are a lot of things on your mind. You need to keep an eye on your listings, follow the competition, familiarize yourself with trends, keep track of stock and oh so much more. 

Asking for a review, especially when you already have many reviews, might not seem like an urgent task. However, this is a mistake you need to avoid. Losing your edge here may result in fewer and fewer sales which might be hard to recover from. 

Make it a habit to constantly ask Amazon buyers for product reviews, since Reviews on Amazon is a deciding factor. Transforming clients who spent money on a product into reviewers that will rank you 5 stars is key to your success.

To make it easier to remember and do, you can make it a habit – start everyday with requesting a rating for all new orders. As long as you don’t break the habit you are in safe territory. 

You can also use an automation. The HighFive App offers the perfect example. It offers a Request a Review automation that makes sure you are not missing out on any order and is asking for a review at the right time. This can help you decrease negative reviews and get more positive product reviews. This, in turn, lets you keep your product and account health at a top grade. 

HighFive is a top seller app that takes care of the review requests for you. You can decide on a request strategy per product (e.g. ask after a week for a simple product, and after 3 weeks for a complex product where the user needs more time to value the product). 

You will also get notifications, to know when reviews come in, and statistics to show the different products ratings and your products health. HighFive is one of the free apps we offer. You can use it free forever even if you don’t purchase any of our paid apps. 

Increasing the likelihood of positive customer reviews

While you can not directly ask for a positive Amazon review or specifically ask for 5 stars , you can increase your chances of getting 5 stars and high grade positive reviews from customers. This can determine the success of your Amazon experience. Here are the actions you can take to decrease the chance to get a negative review and to make sure your product reviews are favorable:

Value for money

First and foremost, you need to make sure you are selling worthwhile products that bring good value for money for your customers. No one expects to get products for free, but if a client feels they were overcharged and paid too much or that the seller wasn’t honest or legitimate, they will not give you the star review you desire.

Make sure the pricing is reasonable for a product of this sort and that the client feels they paid an honest price.

Provide a good shopping experience

As potential shoppers search for a product online on Amazon, they actually search for a good shopping experience. Make sure to deliver on time (FBA is a great option) and that you reply to any concern the client has in a timely manner. Remember that the sale and shopping experience don’t end when the purchase is made.

Manage shopper’s expectations

Online shoppers don’t always know what they want. It’s our job, as sellers, to give them the info they need to help them make the right decision and determine what they want to purchase. While it’s easier to do on websites, you can still help shoppers by providing the required data before they make the decision.

Reply to clients concerns

As we are looking into solutions that help you analyze and manage your ratings we must remember an important post purchase element – replying to a client’s questions and complaints. This can turn a negative review around.

Just be awesome

Delivering your A game and over delivering to your buyer will result in the ratings you desire. It will prevent negative reviews and low grade seller feedback. When you are over delivering and customer satisfaction is high, you can expect it to immediately reflect in your seller feedback. Clients will also be more likely to give back meaning you will get more reviews even if you send the amount of review requests.

Up your game with the right tool belt and analysis

Getting verified reviews is an ongoing process. We already talked about the importance of automation with the right tool instead of manually sending review requests. This is a helpful practice used by the top companies and when you use such a product, it can help put your brand in the perfect spot, on par with the top companies that you compete with or even outshine them.

There aren’t many legitimate products that are designed for reviews and allow you to analyze where you stand. Those that are available are usually paid products and part of multi purpose apps, meaning getting more reviews isn’t their focus. HighFive, on the other hand, is focused on getting verified reviews from a large number of clients with zero effort on your side. Our service also offers you analysis and dashboard which are part of the product’s offering so you always know where you stand and heading towards.

Using a powerful tool is your way to master Amazon, make sure your Amazon rating is positive and allows you to succeed.

Use this link and automate your Amazon reviews collection.

Being at the right spot

When you are methodical about gathering and understanding user rating you can make sure you are at the right spot. Following the rating report from the App will let you pivot your way into the right spot that will allow you to make money and optimize your listings. This is the perfect sign that your efforts are in the right direction.

Remember, in the race to get more reviews some sellers use fake reviews or ask buyers to leave reviews in an unauthorized manner using personalized review requests. Some use social media review groups which is also frowned upon. This can destroy their Amazon business. Amazon created the request a review button exactly for this purpose.

Let’s sum it all up

In this post, we covered all there is to know about getting product reviews on Amazon. 

  • Reviews on Amazon are super important if you wish to sell
  • It affects your potential buyers and Amazon itself
  • If you are launching a new Amazon product, you can use the early reviewer program or Amazon Vine. These are great tools to get early quality reviews on Amazon.
  • As you get more sales you must make sure to get the reviews flowing.
  • You can use product inserts, direct communication or the Request a Review button
  • Never violate Amazon’s guidelines when requesting a review. Never. 
  • Make requesting Amazon reviews a habit. Don’t miss out on opportunities. 
  • Use automations to manage and automate your reviews and use reports to know how to improve your Amazon rating.

Follow this link to get HighFive free for life and automate collecting reviews as well as analyze where you stand.