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Feedback and Review automation

HighFive is the most efficient and safe way to get Product reviews and Seller feedback.
It is 100% Amazon compliant and 100% automatic, so collecting reviews and feedback becomes a breeze

Real-time Sales and Analytics Dashboard

Pulse is a real-time sales dashboard, answering your Analytics & Reporting needs. Learn more about your sales as they happen, helping you to manage your inventory & order management, as well as making sense of your accounting. Pulse is the tool you need to know exactly where you are at and where you are heading towards.

Amazon payment & settlement scheduler

The Payday app lets you decide when to get paid by Amazon. Set your own rules and get paid at specific intervals or as you reach a certain amount

Transforming your Amazon Business

We design best in class apps to make your seller life easier

The HighFive review and feedback app

The safest way to ask for reviews is using Amazon's Request a Review button. HighFive automates this task for you and lets you set specific rules per product.
You can easily experiment to ensure you are getting top reviews and great feedback in the safest possible way.

HighFive is a free for life tool that requires less than 2 min setup and can transform your Amazon listings today.

Pulse Live Sales and Analytics

With Pulse you enjoy real-time sales notifications on an interactive map. Pulse allows you to track your sales metrics and understand customer behavior and trends. Pulse provides data analytics on orders made so you don’t have to do it manually and can spend your precious time focusing on what's important for your Amazon business.

Pulse is a powerful free tool by Lonesome Labs, easy to setup and always ready to help improve your business.


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ASINs handled


Average Review rating


I knew how important feedback was but never took the time to actually ask for it. With HighFive everything is automated and my ratings soar.

Mark H.

Slick and very easy to use. I highly recommend the HighFive app to any seller wishing to safely and conveniently solicitate users for reviews.

Sandy F.

I love the app. It is beautifully designed and very intuitive. I was up and running in a few minutes. I'd give it 5 stars LOL

Michael S.

A very simple and useful app. As a big seller it isn't realistic to manually ask for feedback. HighFive automatically does that for me.

David P.

I had a bad experience with buyer seller messaging due to use of inapproriate solicitation language. HighFive use the Request a Review button functionality so it's 100% safe.

Ashley K.

What I love best about HighFive is that I can ask for the review on a different time frame for different ASINs. I have a variety of products and this allowed me to spike my ratings.

Danielle C.

Get HighFive free for life

You are 2 minutes away from automatically gathering reviews and seller feedback. The easiest and safest way to up your rankings in Amazon. The most powerfull review tool, free for life.

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