Amazon review importance for your seller account

Every Amazon Seller knows they should get reviews. Yes, you know reviews, also referred to as customer reviews, product reviews or Amazon reviews are important but surprisingly, the reasons for that are varied. At a first glance, reviews are all about getting a good star rating and seller feedback from your customers, but there are much more to it. We will learn all about reviews and ratings, how to get them and how to improve your conversion rate when trying to get them. For more information, check out the Amazon seller feedback Guide and the Amazon seller app general guide.

Smart sellers get reviews whenever and however they can. Whenever someone is shopping online and comes across your items, good reviews often become the deciding factor that will make them purchase. When you sell a product online the competition is often fierce and a good review soliciting strategy can take you a long way forward.

In this short post we are going to dive into Amazon Product Reviews, their importance and provide tools and resources on how to get more seller feedback and reviews and especially how to get positive reviews. Our goal is to make Amazon product review gathering easy and repetitive so you can grow your listing for the long term.

Remember that collecting Amazon reviews is the key. While you need to turn your negative reviews as well as neutral reviews into a positive review, our experience shows that collecting each review you can is the secret ingredient leading to success.

What are Amazon Product Reviews

An Amazon product review is the real ratings that actual shoppers who purchase give to your products. These customer reviews are used as an indicator of the overall quality of the product and the satisfaction of the buyer. When a shopper gives an Amazon product review they signal to Amazon’s algorithm and to Amazon’s shoppers about the quality of the product. Customer reviews play an important role for both future buyers and shoppers as well as for Amazon itself and they can not be overlooked. . 

Note that on top of Product reviews and product feedback that are about your… well… products, Amazon also displays Seller Feedback which relates to your conduct as a seller. You can read more about Amazon seller feedback ratings here. 

How are Product Reviews collected

There are many ways to collect customer reviews about your product. You can collect a product review manually or using an automation. We’ll talk more about automation here where we discuss tools like HighFive that takes the load of collecting reviews off your chest.

You can approach your regular buyers or apply for a special program.

For example, Amazon Vine reviewers are sure to give you quick reviews as well the early reviewer program that attract customers and incentivize them to leave reviews in exchange for free products or tokens.

You could request reviews physically or online. Product inserts are the best known offline review request that helps many sellers come up on top.

Whenever you collect a review, you must stand by Amazon guidelines. Whether you are using fake reviews or solicit reviews from people you aren’t allowed to approach, Amazon can and will punish you and can even close your account and take legal action.

If you want to see actual examples and tactics for collecting customer reviews as well as learn how to avoid getting hit by Amazon, visit the Amazon product review guide.

What is a product review used for

Your product reviews serve two main purposes. Each of these purposes has a direct impact on your Amazon listings and your ability to outperform the competition and increase your sales. 

Your potential buyers see the customer reviews as an insurance policy. An Amazon product review allows them to buy with ease and not to worry about the quality of the product. Customer reviews also serve as a de-facto FAQ about your product and a change to give more product detail as well as a way to answer pressing questions your buyers might have. This is why it is of great importance for a seller to post and reply to reviews when relevant and leave a positive impression.  

This is also evident in the prime location customer reviews take in Amazon’s search interface and even the ability to filter according to “Avg. Customer Review”.

Amazon’s perspective is just as important. Your ratings, specifically positive reviews and negative reviews as well as Amazon seller feedback will all determine your discoverability, whether you appear on searches and affect your chance of winning the Amazon Buy Box and the sopper purchase intent. It can even affect your actual account health in a positive manner. It’s a powerful and free way that could help you reach the top.

Amazon review optimization for sellers

Amazon product Reviews and customer feedback are of paramount importance for Amazon sellers. This is a positive factor that affects everything relating to your Amazon account health – from where you will be listed by Amazon all the way to the chance a buyer will purchase from your seller account. 

  • Seller feedback and product reviews are important and are the best indicator of a product quality and your behavior as a seller. There’s a reason star rating is the first things potential customers look at.
  • An Amazon customer review is a clear measure coming straight from actual buyers.
  • The number of Amazon reviews matter. Never stop collecting. Each product review counts and can improve your product listings and.
  • A customer review can be collected in many ways, whether offline or online reviews.
  • Customers and buyers rely on Amazon reviews to aid them with their purchasing decisions
  • Replying to reviews and seller feedback on Amazon offers you a unique chance to further explain your products.
  • Contact the reviewer and assist them. Users you contact can transform a negative review to a positive review. Remember, you can often turn bad reviews into positive ones as discussed here.
  • Product Reviews are key factors in Amazon’s placement decisions and affect your Amazon account

It doesn’t matter if you are a small seller or a big one, if you are selling your own product or reselling someone else’s items, you must make collecting customer reviews a habit. HighFive is a free tool that you can use for free. HighFive automates the collection process from customers so you get more reviews and as many positive Amazon reviews as possible.